Haileybury Astana offers the IB Diploma programme and has a strong and lively 6th form provision leading to application to the very top universities in the UK, America and worldwide.

Pupils are given expert support every step of the way with dedicated professionals to help them in school as they prepare for an exciting future as global leaders. All our lessons are in English with British teachers delivering a high quality IB curriculum backed by over 150 years of Haileybury tradition. Haileybury is one of the top UK schools with a strong tradition of training leaders all over the world. Top world universities regularly visit the school and students really enjoy talking with them as they make plans for their future. There are also clear pathways to top universities in Kazakhstan with the IB programme and we help students with the many options open to them.

We offer a limited number of 100% scholarships for very top Kazakh pupils who are not able to afford our fees as part of our strong commitment to the nation of Kazakhstan.

The IB programme is a two year course highly regarded by top schools all over the UK and internationally and can lead to significant credit being awarded when applying to American Universities. Students can take the IB from the age of 16 years and enjoy support and help from our teachers every step of the way.

Educational scholarship covers the following expenses:

1.Tuition fee;
2.The cost of individual teaching materials;
3.The cost of international exams
* To obtain a scholarship the candidate must be a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who has reached the age of 16 at the beginning of IB program.

To take part in testing, the candidate shall: 

• Fill in the application form;
• Provide documents;
• Pass entrance test in English, Maths and selected subjects.

Application Form

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Dinara Rakhimova

Head of Admissions
+7 (7172) 55 98 55 (ext.101/102)

Aigerim Amirzhanova

Admission coordinator
+7 (7172) 55 98 55 (ext. 122)