Haileybury Astana English Olympiad

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Haileybury Astana School is happy to announce the Haileybury Astana English Olympiad for Astana secondary school students (year 10)!

We are also pleased to inform you that top students will be selected to compete for the IB Diploma Programme (Year 12) scholarships at Haileybury Astana School. The IB Diploma Programme is the best pre-university experience on offer today. It is the gold standard in international Sixth Form education and has been shown to provide the best preparation for the most competitive universities.

For more information please contact:
Madina Mukhatova
Mob.: +7 701 667 63 11
Email.: M.Mukhatova@haileyburyastana.kz

Bringing an international education to Astana

Haileybury Astana achieves International Baccalaureate World School status

On November 23, 2016 Haileybury Astana became the newest member of an ever growing global community of 4671 schools offering the International Baccalaureate in 147 different countries.
Students will now be able to take the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)* at Haileybury Astana, with the first cohort commencing their studies on 29 August 2017.
The IB has a positive impact on students, schools and their wider communities with learning going well beyond the classroom. Its unique and innovative approach to learning means both students and teachers are genuinely engaged with the programmes and benefit from being a part of an unparalleled global network. Students are able to participate in international conferences and educators work with their peers internationally to ensure that the IB remains at the cutting edge of international education.
Mr Alister Bartholomew, Haileybury Astana’s Headmaster says:ib-logo
“We wanted to offer our students a more holistic education which will instil in them the skills, knowledge, and outlook to succeed in the 21st century, both in their local ibcommunity and in the wider world. At the same time, we wanted to give our teachers the opportunity to be a part of an international network of experts leading the field in education. We are delighted to become an IB World School and we look forward to reaping the many benefits of the programme.”
Mr Adrian Kearney, Regional Director IB Africa, Europe, Middle East says:
“The IB is recognized across the world for its innovative approach to education. We strongly believe that it is important to place an equal focus on academics and other, transferrable skills, in order to best prepare students for success beyond high school.”
“That Haileybury Astana has now successfully completed the authorization process and can now start offering the IB marks an exciting time for Haileybury Astana and more importantly, for the students who will benefit from an IB education.”

* The IBDP is an assessed programme for pupils aged 16 to 19. It was established in 1968 to provide pupils with a balanced education, to facilitate geographic and cultural mobility and to promote international understanding.
We, at Haileybury Astana, believe the IBDP to be the best pre-university experience on offer today. It is the gold standard in international Sixth Form education and has been shown to provide the best preparation for the most competitive universities.

For more information, please contact:
• Dr Brice Bomo, IBDP Coordinator: +7 7172 559855 ext. 315, B.Bomo@haileyburyastana.kz
• Ms. Dinara Rakhimova, Admissions manager: +7 7172 559855 ext. 124, D.Rakhimova@haileyburyastana.kz

Day of Knowledge

On August 31, 2016 Haileybury Astana School’s Headmaster Mr Alister Bartholomew wished a warm welcome to our Knowledge Day celebration and particularly to those new parents and close family members who were with us for the first time on that day. He also welcomed all our new staff and their families to Kazakhstan and to their new lives in Astana and wished them well in their new teaching roles.

At Haileybury Astana we are a close unit with strong relationships between children, teachers and parents. We share a strong vision for excellence in education and we all seeks those goals together.

Haileybury Astana is now five years old and we move forward into a new phase of our development. This year we welcome the arrival of Jane Knight our new Head of Primary who has huge experience in management at that level and will add to the structure and quality control element that is already so successful in our school. Our younger children make rapid progress in school and we are very proud of their achievements at such a young age.

This year we will see our Year 11 students complete their IGCSE courses which culminates in some very important examinations in May. In November we have our final inspection for our accreditation to become an International Baccalaureate Diploma school and we will begin the process of opening our Sixth Form for Years 12 & 13 ready to start in August 2017.

In this regard our headmaster was delighted to hear of the excellent examination results that were achieved this year by our sister school in Almaty in both Years 11 and 13. Those results were better than many top UK schools with students achieving places at Cambridge, at University College and Imperial Colleges of London University and many other top universities in the UK and the USA. Some of these universities are ranked in the top ten in the world.

Therefore Mr Bartholomew’s message was simple: “ Although we are a younger school in Astana we will strive to achieve the same excellent examination results here and I know with our multitalented staff and ambitious committed students that we will succeed. So you should leave your students with us to complete their studies….do not take them away at age 13 or 16 – we are better (and cheaper) than other options in the UK and the USA and, as I mentioned on Speech Day in June….by leaving your children in Astana they have a better chance through the international student quota system to get places at top Ivy League universities in the USA and universities like Oxford and Cambridge in the UK. The IB Diploma is an excellent preparation prior to university and many universities prefer its breadth of study”.

Our music, sport and extra curricular programme in school is an essential element of school life and it is our headmaster’s expectation this year that all students will take an even greater part in the wide range of activities on offer.

Please, follow the link below to see the photos from our Day of Knowledge.