The CCA programme is designed to complement our outstanding academic programme by giving our students an opportunity to develop other skills and strategies and provide them with experiences that will help them to be successful beyond Haileybury Astana. These are skills and abilities such as teamwork, confidence, self-expression, critical thinking, planning, dexterity etc., which may not be present in an academic programme, but can be nurtured and developed in an environment which can be enjoyed.

Below is a link to the sign-up sheet for the CCA activities that we currently offer. The range of activities can also be viewed on our Portal page. However the CCA programme is dynamic, vibrant and growing. We aim to ensure that the variety and quality of what we offer, by using our highly qualified, hard-working and talented staff, will add to the continuing development of our students. Our current programme comprises of 56 different activities that are offered at lunchtime, after school or at the weekend. These activities include sports, arts and crafts, academic supplements, personal development and games.  Below is also a link to the current CCA timetable.

It is expected that all of our Key Stage 2 – 4 students will participate in at least one CCA and they are welcome to join more. However, it is also expected that once a student starts a CCA it will be treated in the same way as any other lesson and they will attend all sessions if in school. Please bear in mind that there is a limit to the number of students that can attend any one CCA.

Key Stage 1 students are also welcome to join the programme, but please bear in mind that most activities are currently designed for Key Stage 2 – 4 students. Please check the activities below to determine their suitability.

You can download the CCA list for current term here.

You can download the CCA timetable here.