tutorPastoral care is a significant element of life at Haileybury Astana and we recognise that good tutoring has a key role to play in providing energetic young people with the levels of advice and support they need. In essence, happy pupils will work harder, achieve better and be more likely to succeed in the whole range of activities that are on offer at Haileybury Astana.

Pastoral support is provided by the whole community, but each pupil has their own class teacher, who looks after them and is the first port of call for questions and inquires.  Depending on their age, a pupil will spend a differing amount of time with their tutor, ranging from nearly all of the day in Nursery and Reception to morning and afternoon meetings in Year Seven and Eight.  The tutor’s role is to become the expert on each of their tutees, and to understand and support them in their life at the School.