ealThe main role of the EAL department is to offer specialised classroom support and assistance to the pupils of Haileybury Astana, enabling them acquire fluency in English. At the lower key stages, much of the work is aimed at building confidence and enjoyment in using the language. At the upper key stages we concentrate on enhancing English skills for use in future exams and beyond.

As well as classroom support, the EAL department is very active in promoting the English language within the School. The department hosts many competitions throughout the school calendar, encourages pupils to use English around the School, offers extra activities and learning of English and offers support and advice to all class teachers and parents. In addition to working closely with the Heads of Department and Heads of Key Stage to support the curriculum the EAL Department will assess the individual needs of each pupil and tailor make a course to assist them. This ensures that we provide the pupils of Haileybury Astana with ‘the tools’ to enrich themselves academically, socially and culturally in English.