foodWe are justly proud of our food at Haileybury Astana and have menu that alternates on a two week cycle. We believe the children should be given a range of healthy, fresh food at frequent intervals to keep energy and concentration high. All our food is plentiful and cooked on site by our dedicated team of chefs and kitchen staff. Provision is covered by the school fees, so the food is free on site.

Breakfast for Year 1 and above has been moved to the morning, starting at 7.45. Breakfast for Pre-prep children will be served a little later in the Pre-prep dining room. Breakfast choices are ranging from porridge, pancakes and hot and cold drinks to fruit and biscuits. At the mid-morning break pupils will be offered a fruit snack. For lunch, there is an excellent range of non-vegetarian and vegetarian meals, with three courses available to those who want them. Snacks are also available between the end of lessons and the start of activities at 3.30pm in the Dining Room. If your child need a special diet, or has severe allergies or intolerances, advice is available from our own School Doctors in the Medical Centre.We know that pupils only learn well when they eat properly and we do our very best to educate them to make wise choices from what is on offer.

You can download weekly menu using following links:

 Creche/Preprep: 1-week | 2-week
 Key Stage 1: 1-week | 2-week
 Key Stage 2: 1-week | 2-week