ks2Welcome to the Key Stage 2 section of our website. Thank you for your interest in the Junior department.

In Key Stage 2 we are keen to develop the excellent work that has been done in Key Stage 1 and prepare children for the next part of the journey in their education into Key Stage 3.

This journey begins in Year 3 and continues through to Year 6 in a challenging but supportive learning environment. The curriculum that we offer is based on the National Curriculum for England and Wales, but is adapted for the international context in which the school operates. We aim to teach children skills that can be applied in a range of different environments and disciplines. In this way children are given a wealth of opportunities to develop their individual talents and excel.

With this idea of developing the child we have a number of subjects which are taught by specialists such as Art, PE, Design Technology, Music and ICT. In addition to this we offer a range of languages including Russian, Kazakh and French.

Our extensive Extra-Curricular Activity programme provides children with activities as diverse as Cross Stitching, Origami, Dombra, Orchestra and Rugby as well as a whole range of other interesting and educational activities.

Our aim is to encourage our pupils to be responsible, confident and hard-working citizens who also develop the habit of life-long learning. With this in mind the Key Stage 2 staff are made up of a range of very experienced teachers who have all been trained using the National Curriculum. We also have an experienced team of teaching assistants, one in each Key Stage 2 class, who are educators alongside the class teachers. This team of very talented people works hard every day to ensure that the education that children receive at Haileybury Astana really is the best.