It is important that all pupils’ medical information is shared with the School Clinic and those medical records are given to the Doctor. No pupil may take a course of treatment or prescription medicine at School without the School Doctor’s knowledge and permission.

The School Doctors are on call throughout the school day and accidents or emergencies will be reported to the Doctor at once, whenever they occur. After a visit to the Doctor pupils will be given a medical note which they must show to their Class Teacher / Form Tutor. Parents will be informed about any medical issues occurring at the School.

If a pupil becomes ill during the day, the Doctor will arrange for appropriate medical aid and inform both teachers and parents. Pupils should not leave the school site because of illness without first consulting with the Doctor. The Class Teacher / Form Tutor must be informed of any pupils excused from school by the Doctor who will contact the pupil’s parents and make arrangements for them to go home.