preprepIn the Pre-Prep department, children are introduced gently to the world of education. Our individualised approach helps children learn how to deal with new challenges such as co-operation, respect for each other and learning to follow a routine.

preprep2Our very youngest pupils in the Crèche are looked after by a dedicated team of supportive tutors and nannies, but also enjoy access to specialist teaching in art and music.  The Nursery groups wear school uniform, attend assemblies and follow a more structured routine with lessons based on termly topics and exploring cross-curricular themes. Reception classes begin to introduce children to the idea of formal schooling, with more distinct lessons and a greater emphasis on acquiring the tools of learning; reading, writing and simple mathematics.

English is introduced right at the start with regular visits from the Librarian and listening to stories and all pupils receive lessons in Kazakh and Russian. PE and Performing Arts are also provided twice weekly. There are two parallel classes at each stage, each with a qualified teacher, ably supported by two teaching assistants, enabling the staff to have as much time as possible with each pupil, giving a level of attention appropriate to each child’s needs and interpersonal skills whilst they learn and grow at Haileybury Astana.