The Housemasters and Housemistress are:

aideen-robbins anuar-sharipov mark-ramsey p_oliver
Aideen Robbins
Bartle Frere:
Anuar Sharipov
Mark Ramsey
Paul Oliver

Every pupil at Haileybury Astana is assigned to one of four Houses within the school. These Houses, each with an equal number of pupils, provide smaller communities within the school and facilitate pupils’ identification with staff and other pupils outside their own year group. Each House is named after famous alumni of Haileybury in the UK: Attlee, Bartle Frere, Edmonstone and Kipling: a politician, soldier, diplomat and writer, respectively. The houses are shared with Haileybury Almaty, and with the exception of Attlee House, each House has a counterpart in Haileybury in the UK.

There are full House meetings once a week where members of each House come together on Wednesday mornings under the direction of the Housemaster or Housemistress. Healthy competition is also established between Houses through school sports, arts, and academic competitions. Housemasters and Housemistresses monitor all aspects of a pupil’s career at Haileybury Astana from academic progress to personal development and disciplinary matters, and provide a pastoral tier higher than the tutor.

Staff are always ready to give praise where it is due, both in academic and extra-curricular situations. Staff will take care to inform Tutors of the successes and achievements of individual pupils. There are two formal systems to recognise and reward achievement and encourage pupils on the pathway to success:

Yellow Tickets: Awarded to recognise improvement as well as outstanding achievement in academic work. The Headmaster will award book tokens to pupils who have gained six or more Yellow Tickets (four in the Senior School).

Blue Tickets: Awarded to recognise and promote service to others, whether in helping a particular individual, a team, the school as a whole, or the wider community, particularly when that service is above and beyond that which would routinely be expected. The Headmaster will award book tokens to pupils who win a certain number of Blue Tickets in a similar way as for Yellow Tickets.

Housemasters and Housemistresses keep the Headmaster informed of pupils’ successes, each card awarded is counted towards the ‘House Points’ so that other members of the School may learn of their achievements and take pride in what they have done.