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uniform1We believe that school uniform should be comfortable, practical, and appropriate for the working day. All pupils are required to wear the approved school uniform.

Blazers must be worn around the school and can be taken off in the classrooms and at lunch. Skirts must be knee length and shirts must be tucked in. Hair must be clean and tidy, and for boys of reasonable length above the collar and girls with long hair must wear it tied back during the school day. Shoes must be plain black leather, girls’ shoes must have a heel of no more than 3 cm. Black trainers are not allowed.

In the warmer months during summer, full uniform is often not appropriate.  At the Headmaster’s discretion, pupils will be informed when summer uniform may be worn.  For boys, this includes grey school trousers, and a white shirt without a tie.  Girls may wear summer dresses with tights or short white socks.  Blazers, jumpers and ties should not be worn.  Black leather shoes remain mandatory for both genders.

The following is a list of uniform required for boys and girls of different ages:

Boy’s Uniform – Y3 to 9: Blazer, White Shirt, Boys House Tie, Grey Trousers, Navy Sweater (unisex), Black / grey socks, Black plain leather shoes, Art Smock, School Bag –  large, Track Suit, House Polo Shirt (Unisex), Sports Polo Shirt (Unisex), White Shorts.

Girl’s Uniform – Y3 to 9: Blazer (fitted)White Shirt, Girls House Tie, Kilt, Navy Sweater (unisex), Short White Socks, White tights, Black plain leather shoes, Summer Dress (Knee Length), Art Smock, School Bag –  large, Track Suit, House Polo Shirt (Unisex), Sports Polo Shirt (Unisex), Red Athletic Shorts (Years 3, 4 and 5 only), White Shorts (Year 6 to 8).

Boys & Girls – Nursery to Y2: Boys and Girls Light Blue Polo ShirtGirls Kilt, Boys Grey Trousers, Magenta Sweatshirt (unisex), Summer Dress, Girls Short White Socks, Boys Black or Grey Socks, Black plain Leather Shoes, Art Smock – Small, School Bag – Small, Track Suit, Sports Polo Shirt (unisex), Girls Athletic Shorts, Boys White Shorts.